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Open Friday thru to Monday or by appointment


  • Ordering?

    5 March at 19:42 from atlas

    Due to a sudden wave of interest and also the unavailability of some key ingredients we are out of stock on some items. ...

  • News

    30 December at 07:55 from atlas

    It's summer and during the time between Christmas and the end of February we are open everyday 9-5  while the lavender is ...

  • Open for the season

    25 October at 19:29 from atlas

    Hello customers new and old ...we are open for 2020/21 season. Who would've thought so much could change in less than a year. This will ...

  • Oamaru customers

    6 November at 07:22 from atlas

    I can drop off your order on one of my town trips ......either phone your order through or email it instead of paying the postage 

  • spring weather

    16 November at 09:59 from atlas

    The weather.... it has been the wettest spring here with rain almost everyday and definitely every week everything is so green it almost ...

  • Open for the season.

    13 October at 14:45 from atlas

    We are open now for the season of 2016/17 and will be open Friday till Monday every weekend and if you want to visit on another day just ...

  • Website Working

    13 October at 14:42 from atlas

    Hello everyone we have had a glitches with the website, don't ask me what as I'm a lavender grower not an IT specialists...however it ...

  • Closed for Winter

    13 May at 13:05 from atlas

    very sorry that a customer travelled to visit us only to find us closed .....I have updated details to make it very clear .

  • prices for products

    9 September at 10:21 from atlas

    We have after 5 years of business found that many of our core products are costing more to make so with some reluctance we are doing a ...

  • pay invoices online

    9 September at 10:15 from atlas

    I have just set this up mainly for overseas buyers, but its also a way that any of my local customers can pay their invoices as well. So ...


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